Melon Punch Candle - Summer Cocktail


Our Melon Punch Candle is a burst of fresh and bright sunshine, evoking memories of dancing the night away with your favorite cocktail in hand. As the fragrance lingers, you can feel the warm summer breeze and the sound of music and laughter, just like a carefree night out with your best friends.

The sweet and juicy blend of casaba melon and watermelon, with a tangy kick of lemon and blackberry, creates a refreshing and uplifting scent that will uplift your spirits. Mixed with hints of sea breeze and vanilla bean adding a soothing touch, creating a perfect balance of freshness and freedom.

Presented in a Reusable Glass Jar with Sealable Lid and Drawstring Bag, the 270g of 100% Natural Soy Wax will burn for 40+ hours of strong scents and complement any decor.

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